Jet Set: Meet Rihab, a Graphic Artist turned Travel Blogger

A slice of cool-girl wanderlust

I was born and raised in Sharjah, but the motherland is Sudan. I’ve got a bachelor’s degree in design management with a minor in product design that I hope to explore further one day.

My career background consists of strategic branding which, thanks to my first boss, actually has my whole heart (along with packaging). I’m currently working as a graphic artist in the retail industry. I am an October baby – 3 October to be exact, so that makes me a Libra!

Jet Set Rihab

What draws you to each destination you travel to?

I try my best to go somewhere new with a feel that I have not experienced before. Dubai is a pretty fast moving, high concrete livin’ type of city, so whenever I get a chance to travel. I prefer going to places that have less of the big city vibe and more of an anything else vibe. Also, being raised in Sharjah, the cultural capital, I fall in love with the tradition and culture of places. The more stories and histories they carry, the more I’m drawn towards them.

Which country have you visited that you feel like you could have lived?

To be honest, I’ve never really visited a place and thought to myself right away “wow I can imagine myself living here”. It’s probably because I’ve only ever lived in the UAE, and so to imagine myself living anywhere else, I’d have to spend about three months minimum there. But, that being said, the closest would probably be Malaysia. It’s got a good balance of big city and quiet island life and I always felt that their modest fashion is pretty diverse, combining all kinds of styles, which is right up my alley.

Jet Set Rihab

Your images are cool and style-inspired. Who or what is your inspiration?

I’m pretty blessed that I work in the creative industry because I’m always surrounded by inspirations for projects I’m working on, which in turn also inspires my feed (especially colour combinations). I find that there really is inspiration everywhere around us. You just have to be aware, present, and like a sponge trying to absorb it.

Where do you feel most at home?

I feel like living in the diaspora, home is difficult to define, but the feeling of it isn’t. To me, it’s that feeling of warmth, blissfulness, relief, and peace. Be it when I’m with family, friends, or my cat, when I’m on my bed, when I pray, or when I’m having morning tea at my late great grandma’s house in Hilat Kuku, Bahri. I feel a little piece of home in the people, things, and moments I love.

Jet Set Rihab

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